12in12 April edition: Making a sandwich in Unity with ProBuilder. Surprisingly delicious!

make yourself a sangwich on

This project started out with a few primitive shapes, figuring out how to drag them around, and let them snap to points, and first attempt at panning the camera.
I set up 2 Cinemachine cameras: 1 that pans when the mouse cursor is near the edges of the screen, and one that looks at the stove, when we’re not panning.
I modeled a pan and a plate in ProBuilder, but moving more complex shapes and grouped objects turned out a little trickier than I anticipated. I fought a lot with physics during this project.
I also wanted to be able to move stacks, which seemed easy to figure out… at first.
I decided to play to my strengths, figure out the color scheme of the game, and model a ton of tasty assets. And get rid of that snapping. It wasn’t needed.
I also made a few bigger objects, and started playing with the post-processing effects.
When you have assembled your sandwich, you can serve it at the dinner table.
As the old saying goes: Any sandwich served is cause for a celebration.
My favorite will be grilled cheese forever. ?
But you can make whatever you want.
Even a face.