12in12 March edition: A Twine game about washing your hands

I started off by making a bunch of placeholder graphics, making the right hand follow the mouse cursor, and allowing the player to rotate tabs and turn water on and off.
Next, I set up some progress bars for important stats like dirtiness, water temperature, soapiness and wetness. I made the left hand mimic the movements of the right hand, allowed the player to pick up the soap and made the progress bars react to what the hands were doing.

Notice how the hands are cropped at the edge of the image? That is done by code and was a pain to figure out, but it made all the difference.
I made some proper graphics in hand-drawn style, 2 poses for the left hand, and 4 poses for the right hand. Each of those hands got a basic layer, and overlays for dirt, soap and water. That’s 18 individual hand graphics. Here I was, thinking I was making something tiny.
Finally I added sounds, WINNING graphics and sparkles for when you’re all clean,
and polished everything up with sweet sweet CSS animations.