The Call

In “The Call” you get a strange phone call from your mother. She keeps talking about a summer house you visited when you were little, and a girl that you can’t remember. What happened that summer?

The Call was developed by Magnus “Gordon” Gardebäck (Code), Alex Camilleri (Art), and me at the Nordic Game Jam 2016. Sounds were made by Joonas Turner.

The theme of Nordic Game Jam 2016 was “LEAK!”, and after going through all the obvious ideas about water leaks, data leaks, menstruation, incontinence, the vegetable leek, and computer memory leaks, we decided to make a narrative adventure with almost no graphics, where you try to communicate with someone who seems to experience transient global amnesia. You have to change the conversation in a way that helps you gather more information about what might have happened to cause it.

The concept was quite inspired by a podcast from Radiolab called On Repeat (starts around min 7:00).

You can download the game for PC and Mac on, and you should check out some of the other games made at Nordic Game Jam 2016.

Screenshot 2016-04-12 13.17.01

Hopefully we’ll have the chance to record the mother’s lines and add them to the game to create a more immersive and freaky atmosphere.

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